ELISE HUGUS- The artist in his studio at Old Schoolhouse Studios in West Barnstable, Mass.

Art-making has always been intertwined with my earliest memories, whether drawing fantasy vehicles, cartooning, defacing newspaper photos or embracing formal school projects. After graduating from university with a degree in communications and a minor in fine arts, I began to focus on the arts.

Upon completion of the foundation program at the Cleveland Institute of Art, I was employed in exhibit design at the Cleveland Museum of Art in a department which utilized a vast lending collection to serve the greater community by assembling exhibitions specific to requests from schools, libraries and community centers. Here I was exposed to, surrounded by, and able to handle an encyclopedic collection of fine and decorative art. At the same time, I became involved in the design and building of commercial spaces-restaurants, bars and galleries.

Travels to Mexico resulted in further studies in sculpture where I was immersed in that vibrant culture of color and dynamic public art enthusiastically practiced and supported there. After moving to Cape Cod and, to this day participating in various exhibitions of two and three dimensional art, I became involved in set design for theatrical productions which have a very close relationship with temporary sculptural installations.

A successful proposal for an environmental arts exhibition at the Fuller Museum in Brockton, MA resulted in the dilemma of how to mimic the tension of a giant slingshot utilizing two tall trees as support. The solution was to use spandex. Subsequently, I became intrigued by the sculptural qualities of the material and have since created four other large scale temporary installations utilizing it. The latest being the first done indoors, the deconstruction of which was the result of a collaboration with a dance professional.

I live in Falmouth, Massachusetts and maintain a studio in Barnstable, Massachusetts.

Contact: jciracira@gmail.com