2014 Provincetown Eco-Arts Festival

I have cultivated an ongoing intense interest in how humans observe the passage of time by presenting discarded, forgotten, elements which, during their period of original intended usefulness, were constantly in touch with, handled by, or in the presence of people.  By reworking and representing these objects in an artistic context, there is a new usefulness, a new life given to these once exhausted, now rejuvenated elements.


The following pieces were displayed at the 2014 Eco-Arts Festival in Provincetown.

PTAPR5The boat piece was exhibited outdoors in different venues over period of 20 years and finally succumbed to a series of violent storms. It is now reconfigured with its salvaged elements as a freestanding sculpture.


The Spandex Piece is another in a series which illustrates gravity, and utilizes this material which is at once transparent, translucent, reflective illusory and kinetic.