Stretch/Hook Collaboration

Stretch/Hook from Daniel Cojanu on Vimeo.


The latest installation, in August of 2012, was the first one done indoors— in an old barn turned into exhibit space (the Hyannis Harbor Arts Center).

In this one, entitled “Yellow Stretch/Red Hook” I set the end edges of the material under the floorboards and joined various segments with large iron hooks, which provided a severe contrast to the lightness of the material and accentuated the tension. In so doing, the space and the building all became integral parts of the sculpture.

I had always thought of these installations as interesting locations for dance interaction. As the installations are by nature, temporary, the idea to enlist a dancer to dismantle the work came to mind as a fine way to end the work.

It was my great fortune to make contact with DeAnna Pellecchia, an extremely accomplished Boston-based dancer/choreographer, co-founder of the Kairos Dance Company whose enthusiastic response to the proposal and subsequent electrifying extemporaneous performance closed the installation’s run.